SMATLas 4S Series

SMATLas 4S Series

The series of single-module CW lasers adopt unique optical structure design, and can achieve single-mode output through 20um optical cable. The energy density can reach up to 2.4 million watts per square millimeter, which is especially suitable for sheet metal cutting and application environments with higher energy density requirements. As a fiber laser developed with the latest technology, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is as high as 42%. Its simple design features, light weight, and rack-type fixing method can facilitate more compact equipment integration, reducing the number of transportation and disassembly and potential risk.


  • Fiber optic module standard 19-inch 3U height design, product weight is only 35kg
  • Compact structure design, equal power section, minimum volume
  • Comes with remote monitoring and integrated active fault prevention
  • The product structure design is fully enclosed, which can greatly reduce the requirements of the laser on the use environment
  • Sustainable operation in high-temperature, high-humidity and high-dust working environment


  • Cutting, drilling, welding, 3D additive processing


  • Electro-optical conversion efficiency (WPE)> 42%

  • Long service life of pump diode, power attenuation within 2 years <5%


Laser module weight


10,000 watts/millimeter


Conversion efficiency


Power attenuation within 2 years

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