Laser Marking Coding for Packaging


Laser Marking Coding for Packaging

The PACK laser marking/codingsystem are compact Air cooled laser system with reliabel and operating cost.
it was designed especially for continuous operation OTF (On-The-Flu) marking/coding application for Packaging industry, engine enable system to be used
for both plastics and metals material. The system offers state-of-art design with Easy-to-use and operate via Handheld controller. Intuitive software lets you easily create message with automatically updated content, symbols, graphics etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Air-cooled Laser system
  • Integrated Handheld controller
  • Can be used for both polymer and metals
  • Marking speed (max): up to 600 characters/second
  • Production Line speed (max): up to 120 m/min
  • Avaliable options for wavelength 10.6 μm/532nm and 355 nm for challenged meterial


Packaging marking/coding

Electronica/Automotive parts marking OTF

Pharmaceutical and Medical device marking/coding

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