BW240 SERIES 4KW High Power Fiber Laser Welding Head

BW240 SERIES 4KW High Power Fiber Laser Welding Head

BW240 series,the 4KW fiber laser welding head which was introduced by RAYTOOLS AG Switzerland in 2018. Compatible with the wavelength range of mainstream fiber lasers in the market to meet the needs of different customers. BW240 is highly versatile and compatible with a variety of fiber interfaces, lenses and nozzle accessories.

Features & Benefits

• Adopt optimized optical design to make the deep penetration welding with large depth-to –width ration, which is more competitive in welding of medium to thick material;

• A smooth and efficient fluid structure design is adopted to the air knife, coaxial nozzle and side blow protection nozzle, which can obtain the best protection to molten pool and blow off the welding slags;

• The collimating lens is equipped with a cover glass to effectively prevent the dust from falling directly onto the collimation lens which may cause a damage to the lens. It will help increase the lifespan of the welding head;

• Adopt the drawer type lens holder to realize fast and easy replacement of cover glass;

•Both collimator and focus lens adapt composite lens to maximize optical quality and welding result;

• CCD industrial cameras can be selected to achieve welding orientation and seam monitoring;

• Water cooling to collimation and focus lens helps long time reliable work under high power;

• Easy to be integrated to robot automation;


Power Rating

Fiber laser≤4KW

Clear aperture


Manual focus range


Cover glass size


Assist gas pressure (recommended)

Air knife: 6bar; Protection air: 25L/min


4kg(With CCD interface)

Optional accessories

Seam tracking system

Realize automatic seam tracking by robot


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