AK390TC Series 20KW Parabolic 3-Way Cladding Head

AK390TC Series 20KW Parabolic 3-Way Cladding Head

The series of high power laser heads AK390 is released by  RayTools AG of Switzerland in 2014. The internal use of water-cooled aspheric mirrors. Different nozzles can be optioned, which make AK390 can be applied to laser welding, hardening, surface treatment, cladding and etc.

Features & Benefits

High Power Rating

Adapted direct water-cooled copper lens, with a long service life ,maximum power can reach 20KW.

Abundant Powder Form

Different end components can be used to achieve high power laser three-way powder coating, ring conveying powder, and so on.

3-Way Cladding

Powder nozzles can achieve high powder utilization and large working range of processing technology through optimized design.

Efficient Water Cooling

Double water-cooled structure design, the lens holder and the laser head body are equipped with water-cooled interface to extend the working duration.


Fiber Interface


Power Rating


Clear Aperture


Collimator Focal Length


Focusing Focal Length


Purge Pressure


Assist gas Pressure


Cover glass


Weight(Depend on configurations)



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